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Euphorium Brooklyn Cilice, Chocolatl & Usar Review

Euphorium Brooklyn Cilice, Chocolatl & Usar Review

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Euphorium Brooklyn Cilice, Chocolatl & Usar First Impressions With Special Guest + Giveaway

Kara and I discuss again Euphorium Brooklyn as she is a huge fan of the Euphorium Brooklyn brand and their edgy perfumes. This time I do first impressions of Cilice, Chocolatl and Usare. Kara knows these fragrances but these were very new to me to try and see what they are. I was really anticipating Chocolatl and sure enough it was great, I loved it. Chocolatl is a ourmand with the Euphorium Brooklyn DNA touch. I loved it. I also enjoyed Cilice a lot I think it’s a tie with Suedios as one of my faves from Euphorium Brooklyn. Overall these three fragrance Cilice, Chocolatl & Usar are three of the much more accessible fragrances from Euphorium Brooklyn.

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