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Nishane Istanbul Fan Your Flames Review

Nishane Istanbul Fan Your Flames Review

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Nishane Istanbul Fan Your Flames Review + Full Bottle Worldwide Giveaway

This is my Nishane Istanbul Fan Your Flames Review! I was anticipating Fan Your Flames after reading about in Cafleurebon.com when it was first announced. Especially since it was inspired by a hookah and the name comes from a very well known Rumi quote: Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. This was really exciting to me. Once received and smelled Fan Your Flames it was all dry woody tobacco but it was more than that. It reminds me of hot brewed cardamom laced Turkish Coffee. So Fan Your Flames is very delicious!! :)

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The bottle of Nishane Istanbul Fan Your Flames used in the review was received by LFSG for the purposes of a review. These are my honest and best thoughts and opinions on Fan Your Flames. A lucky subscriber will also have the opportunity to win one bottle of Fan Your Flames as well. Good luck!