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DSH Perfumes Albino Review

DSH Perfumes Albino Review With Dawn Spencer Hurwitz + Giveaway

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DSH Perfumes Albino Review With Dawn Spencer Hurwitz + Giveaway

This is my DSH Perfumes Albino Review With Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. I sat with Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes a month or so ago and we discussed her new perfume Albino. This one was an excellent release and it smelled great. It was inspired by the albino raspberry and uses the grapefruit pith as the dominant note. Please excuse the audio as we shot this video at the San Francisco Artisan Fragrance salon and the audio there was not the best but you can still understand. But watch to learn all about the excellent new release from DSH Perfumes, Albino which is a Study In White. It’s a very clean, white scent. And it’s perfect for warm summer days! Even better Albino is a finalist at the 2016 Art & Olfaction Awards!

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