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Jeroboam Hauto Fragrance Review

Jeroboam Hauto Fragrance Review + Worldwide Full Bottle Giveaway

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Jeroboam Hauto Fragrance Review + Worldwide Full Bottle Giveaway

This is my Jeroboam Hauto Fragrance Review. I fell in love with Jeroboam when I first checked out the line at Jovoy in Paris, France back in January. While there I picked up Miksado, Insulo and Oriento. Watch my first impressions video here with the fragrance guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z857Ow3uf2M Miksado, Insulo and Oriento are the beasts in the collection. There’s also another fragrance in the collection called Origino which I do not have. Origino is basically the base of all of the fragrances in the Jeroboam collection and also is used to layer to create unique combos with Hauto, Miksado, Insulo and Oriento. When the opportunity came up to review Hauto I jumped at the chance to review it.

Hauto is unlike any tuberose dominant fragrances I’ve put my nose on. For one it’s very very clean, pure white and angelic. It does not mean that Hauto is a light fragrance. Just like Miksado, Insulo and Oriento, Hauto is a beast of a fragrance and lasts and lasts all day and into the night. Hauto is a very unisex, gender neutral tuberose fragrance and can be worn by both women and men. I don’t generally find Tuberose easy to wear but I’m in love with Hauto and enjoy how clean and pure it is. Men can start appreciating Tuberose in fragrances targeted to them. Just like us guys started appreciating Iris in perfumes like Dior Homme it’s now time to take the leap and start appreciating Tuberose in our fragrances.

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