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5th San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon

5th San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon + Giveaway!

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5th San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon + Giveaway!

I had the pleasure of attending the 5th San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon last Saturday and I got to speak to the perfumers and brands showcasing their perfumes there. There were 14 perfumers and brand showcasing and I speak to them each from 30 seconds to a few minutes. This is the best way to find out about these indie and niche perfumers and why they came to the 5th San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon. Also I was able to pick up goodies from all of these perfumers so you will have a chance at winning the goody bag if you are USA resident over at Cafleurebon.com!

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Giveaway Goody Bag includes:

Ineke Scent Library
PK Perfumes Sample Discovery Kit
Olympic Orchids San Francisco 2016 Discovery Kit
DSH Best Seller Discovery Kit + Giverny In Bloom
House Of Matriarch Samples
Cognoscenti Discovery Kit
Meshaz Discovery Kit
Haught Perfumes Discovery Kit
Mair Perfumes Samples
A Wing And A Prayer Mini Bottles
Bruno Fazzolari Lampblack Sample
Mikmoi Sample Set
La Fleur By Livvy Large Decants
Aether Arts Perfumes Sample