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Parfums Volnay – Objet Celeste Review

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Parfums Volnay – Objet Celeste Review + Full Bottle Giveaway

I had the pleasure of meeting Muriel Madeline of Parfums Volnay in Paris, France last January. We went through the entire Parfums Volnay collection of fragrances and I fell in love with most of them but really loved Objet Celeste – a flowery, powdery, sweet almondy scent.

Objet Celeste is vintage style perfume making. Inspired by perfumes from the vaults of Parfums Volnay a brand that existed in the 1920s thats been resurrected by the siblings of the original owners. I really loved the concept of this brand and want to explore the other fragrances in the collection more.

Objet Celeste has the most excellent performance and it lasts and lasts a long, long time. I really enjoy wearing this scent as it’s exciting and comforting at the same time. It’s a very beautiful scent. It’s slightly feminine but a confident man can easily pull this one off. A really lovely fragrance. Enjoy Parfums Volnay – Objet Celeste Review. Stay tuned for more reviews and giveaways from LFSG!

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